New York Medical College

School of Health Sciences and Practice

Epidemiology M.P.H.


Department Chair:

Barbara L. Greenberg, PhD

Director of MPH Studies in Epidemiology:

Maureen Kennedy, MS, DrPH

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The MPH degree in Epidemiology provides students with the knowledge and quantitative skills necessary to participate in the areas of medical, clinical, and public health research. It has been designed for those whose undergraduate degrees are in the fields of biology, mathematics, psychology, or other health sciences related areas, and for those with a keen interest in medical, clinical, and public health research.

A graduate of the MPH program in Epidemiology is expected to achieve the following program (P) competencies:

EPI P1 -Calculate and interpret standard epidemiological measures (e.g., prevalence, incidence, risk ratio, case-fatality rate).

EPI P2 -State the advantages, disadvantages, and features of epidemiologic study designs, including appropriate effect measures.

EPI P3 -Describe the effects of chance, bias, confounding, and effect modification on study design and interpretation of results.

EPI P4 -List and apply the criteria for causation in epidemiologic studies.

EPI P5 -Understand accuracy and reproducibility of measures and classifications (e.g., sensitivity, kappa).

EPI P6 -Identify the basic required components of ethical research including informed consent, and protection of the rights of human subjects.

EPI P7 -Interpret commonly used statistical tests (e.g., chi-square test, Student’s t-test).

EPI P8 -Manage a dataset while employing, evaluating, and interpreting various data analysis strategies.

EPI P9 -Write an epidemiologic profile of a disease (e.g., clinical course of the condition, descriptive epidemiology, risk factors, and levels of prevention).

EPI P10 -Conduct an epidemiologic investigation (e.g., cross-sectional study) using newly collected or existing data, and prepare a report of the investigation.

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