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Special Situations


Early Decision Program

Students applying to New York Medical College through the Early Decision Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Apply through AMCAS by August 1 of the application year
  • Take the MCAT prior to July 31 of the application year


Early decision applicants are notified of a decision no later than October 1.

Early decision applicants to New York Medical College are not permitted to submit applications to any other medical school until an acceptance decision has been made.

Possible Decision Outcomes

This is a binding decision. Students accepted through the Early Decision Program cannot apply to any other medical school during the application year nor matriculate to any other medical school the following year.

Deferred to the General Applicant Pool
Deferred applicants are still considered “active applicants” to New York Medical College, but have been released from the restrictions of the Early Decision Program. Early Decision applicants deferred to the general pool are free to apply to other medical schools and matriculate anywhere you are accepted.

Rejected early decision applicants are no longer considered as active applicants to New York Medical College for the current application year and are free to apply to other schools and matriculate anywhere they are accepted.

Previous Applicants

Applicants who reapply to New York Medical College receive a full review of their application; and many are accepted each year. Most successful re-applicants have taken concrete steps and time to strengthen their application such as (1) improving their MCAT score; (2) completing and doing well (minimum GPA 3.6) in a Basic/Medical Science Master’s Program; or (3) gaining meaningful clinical exposure or research experience. Many successful re-applicants comment the extra time they spent on strengthening their application was invaluable as they were better prepared to begin medical school.

Re-applicants must apply through AMCAS. Please refer to the AMCAS website regarding re-applicant procedures. In addition, re-applicants must complete a new NYMC Secondary Application. Letters of Evaluation must be resubmitted through AMCAS. The same letters submitted in the previous admissions cycle. However if an applicant has taken steps to improve his/her application, new letters of evaluation are strongly recommended. If applicable, an updated committee letter citing the improvements in your application is also encouraged.

International Students

International students are welcome to apply. However, it is strongly recommended that international applicants successfully complete undergraduate college work leading to a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college of arts and sciences in the United States or Canada. However, all courses taken in satisfaction of the requirements for admission must be taken at or accepted as transfer credits by an accredited college in the United States or Canada, and must be acceptable to that institution toward a baccalaureate degree in arts or sciences.

Federal law mandates that only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to receive financial aid. (Permanent residents must provide a copy of their unconditional Green Card upon request when applying for financial aid.) Applicants who are non-US citizens or do not obtain permanent resident status by July 1st of the year entering medical school, must deposit an amount equal to four years tuition and fees (approximately $175,000 US dollars) into a bank escrow account in advance of their matriculation to NYMC.

General Academic Requirements International Students

International applicants must have successfully completed the following of premed requirements (or have them in progress) from an accredited college in the United States or Canada:

General Biology, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
General Chemistry, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
Organic Chemistry, 1st semester or equivalent with lab
Biochemistry, 1 semester or equivalent, (with or without lab)
Physics, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs
English, 2 semesters or equivalent (or successful completion of the English requirements of your undergraduate institution)

Although not required, it is strongly recommended undergraduate coursework leading to a baccalaureate degree is completed at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) must be taken between January 2011 and September 2013. MCAT scores from tests taken prior to January 2011 will not be accepted.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are accepted into the third year only. Transfer openings are very limited and in some years, not available.

By early March 2014, we will post if we are able to accept applications for transfer into the third-year class which begins at the end of June 2014.

General Transfer Information

We accept transfers into the third year only. Please be aware that openings in our third-year class are very limited and in some years, not available. We do not know how many openings (if any) we will have until early June of the year of entry.

Accepted transfer students are expected to begin classes the last week of June. (No exceptions).


Transfer applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States.
  • Be currently enrolled and a student-in-good-standing, at an LCME-accredited medical school or a foreign medical school listed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Completion all pre-med prerequisites in an accredited college in the United Sates or Canada.
  • Meet all entrance requirements expected of applicants into the first-year class, including having taken the MCAT.
  • Take and pass USMLE Part I by June 5th of the year in which you plan to enter New York Medical College. We are unable to consider a transfer applicant without the USMLE Part I score. No exceptions.



Transfer applicants are NOT eligible for consideration if any of the following situations apply:

  • Applicant is currently attending a graduate or other professional school such as dentistry, osteopathy or podiatry, not leading directly to an M.D. degree.
  • Applicant has had scholastic difficulty in, or withdrawn or been dismissed from, any medical school.


Transfer Application Process

Transfer applicants do not apply through AMCAS. Send an e-mail to requesting a NYMC Transfer Application. Include the following information in this e-mail:

  • Applicant Full Name
  • Current Medical School
  • Current Mailing Address
  • Current Phone Number (cell phone preferred)
  • E-mail address (permanent)


A NYMC Transfer Application will be forwarded via e-mail attachment.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials listed below is May 1st. You will be notified via email when your application is complete. (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)

  1. Completed hard-copy NYMC Transfer Application
  2. Signed, passport-sized photo
  3. Official transcript from each college attended regardless of the courses pursued and including any summer study
  4. Official transcript from current medical school
  5. Official MCAT Score Report
  6. Official USMLE Step 1 Score Report or expected date of Score Report
  7. Letter from the Dean of current medical school specifically stating that transfer applicant is (a) currently enrolled and (b) a student in good standing
  8. Letters of Recommendation
    • Two letters of recommendation from faculty at your current medical school
    • If your undergraduate college has a Premedical Advisory Committee, a single letter of evaluation from the Committee is preferred and will fulfill all undergraduate letters of evaluation requirements. A Committee letter does not require the names of individual letter writers.
    • If your undergraduate college does not have a premedical committee a total of three (3) letters of evaluation from undergraduate faculty are required. Two (2) letters must be from science faculty (e.g.) biology, chemistry, physics, bio-medical engineering, bio-engineering, etc. who have either taught you in a class OR supervised you in independent research for which you have received credit toward your science GPA. (Math is not considered a science course for the purposes of letters of evaluation.) The third letter must be from a non-science course.


IMPORTANT NOTE: One (1) of your three undergraduate letters of evaluation must be from the department in which you majored as identified on your original AMCAS application - whether science or non-science.

If you have completed a graduate program, in addition to the undergraduate letters of evaluation outlined above the following graduate letters of evaluation are required:

  • One (1) letter of evaluation is required either from faculty in your graduate department who have taught you in a graduate class or supervised independent research for which you received graduate credit or the Premedical Advisory Committee of your graduate program. A letter from a graduate science faculty member can substitute for one (1) undergraduate science letter.


Optional Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation from employers and/or volunteer clinical or community service experiences where you have spent significant amounts of time are highly recommended but not required.

Employment and/or volunteer clinical or community service work references do not substitute for academic references. They are considered supplemental to the required letters of evaluation.

Please return all application documentation by May 1st to the address listed below:

Transfer Application
School of Medicine – Office of Admissions
New York Medical College
Administration Building
40 Sunshine Cottage Lane
Valhalla, New York 10595

On-campus interviews are required, and are by invitation only. Interviews typically begin mid-May of the year of requested transfer. Accepted applicants are notified by early June and are expected to begin classes at the end of June. (no exceptions)


Updated: June 12, 2013