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Office of Student Affairs Counseling Services

The Office of Student Affairs at New York Medical College offers a wide range of services including information about financial aid, loans and scholarships, personal and academic counseling, career counseling and assistance in obtaining residencies. The main Office of Student Affairs provides many resources and services and is happy to assist in academic, career, financial, and personal counseling services. Deans are always available by appointment and try to accommodate students who “drop in” whenever possible.

The main offices are located in rooms 116 to 126 of the Administration Building. The telephone number is 914-594-4498.


Student Mental Health & Wellness Services (SMH&WS)

Services are available to all students. All mental health services are confidential and are conducted by a psychologist and/or psychiatrist.

Services include short-term psychotherapy, crisis intervention and stress management. Long term psychotherapy can be arranged through providers in the local area. In addition to mental health services, workshops and lifestyle modification techniques will be offered to enhance overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Reon Baird, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Director of Wellness
19 Skyline Drive, Rm. 2N-B06
Hawthorne, NY
(914) 594-2542

David Stern, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Student Mental Health & Wellness Services
19 Skyline Drive, Rm. 2N-B06
Hawthorne, NY




Page updated: February 11, 2014