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Useful Contact Information

Commencement Questions:

Graduates and guests of graduates with questions should contact the appropriate school contact:

School of Medicine: Faye Seltzer, SOM Administrator at 914-594-4500 or Jonathan Pessolano, Director of SOM OSA at 914-594-4498.

School of Health Sciences and Practice: Stefania Bonanni, Assistant Director of Operational Support and Designated School Official, SHSP at 914-594-4843.

Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences: Barbara Lewis, Director of Academic Administration GSBMS at 914-594-3163.

Touro College of Dental Medicine: Karen Barile-Longo, Director of TCDM OSA at 914-594-2634.

General questions regarding Commencement Week events may be directed to:

Tuition   (914) 594-4454
Health Insurance   (914) 594-4454
Loan Repayments   (914) 594-4473


Other Student Services:    
Library   (914) 594-4200
Registrar's Office   (914) 594-4495
Student Affairs   (914) 594-4498

Financial Planning
including Exit Interviews

  (914) 594-4491
Student Housing   (914) 594-4832