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For potentially life-threatening situations call 911 immediately.

NYMC Office of Security: (914) 594-4226

The NYMC Office of Security—located in the Basic Sciences Building, near the Cell Biology wing— promotes the safety and security of the academic community on campus by prohibiting any criminal or illicit activities including sexual assault or other sex offenses and to report any alleged criminal conduct to the appropriate enforcement authorities and to discipline any student, faculty member or employee after the college has conducted its investigation of the alleged conduct.  Visit the Security Department >>

College Institutional Compliance Incident Report: (866) 284-8728

Report on concerns that are reasonably considered to be in possible violation of any law, regulation or College policy governing any College activity, to the Compliance Hotline (available seven days a week, 24 hours a day) toll-free. You can report via the Web as well. Visit the College’s Institutional Compliance Program >>

College Health Services: (914) 594-4234

The NYMC Health Services Office—located in the Basic Sciences Building, near the Pathology wing—is staffed by a nurse practitioner and a medical director and handles internal medicine problems. Our nurse practitioner is able to diagnose and treat most common illnesses as well as prescribe medications. Visit the Health Services >>

NYMC School of Medicine P.A.I.R. (Professionalism Accolade or Incident Reporting)

Do you wish to report an accolade of a highly professional nature? Or, do you wish to report an incident of mistreatment or unprofessional behavior? Report a Professionalism Accolade or Incident >>

NYMC School of Medicine CrisisManager app

The NYMC School of Medicine (SOM) implemented SchoolDude's “CrisisManager” smartphone app in order to ensure that SOM students always have access to the latest information on campus safety and security, contact information, emergency response, and one step documentation and/or reporting of incidents. Visit the College's Safety Resources Site >>