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The Shuttle will run on a fixed route (Mo-Fr) beginning at 0815 (8:15 a.m.), starting at Housing, and end the day after the last pickup at 19 Bradhurst, at ~1715 (5:15 pm), or the start of Shabbos.  An NYMC Public Safety officer will operate the Shuttle.  The Shuttle’s route will run once every hour starting at Housing as follows:

  • Housing (0815, 0900, 1000, 1100, etc…)
  • 7 Dana
  • 19 Skyline (9A side)
  • MEC
  • 19 Bradhurst
  • WMC (main entrance)
  • SHSP
  • Housing

We understand you all have different needs and varying schedules.  Please use the schedule and plan accordingly. 

NYMC Public Safety will be operating the Shuttle on this schedule until October 1st.  At that time, we will assess the use of the Shuttle, our community’s needs, and ridership.  Any changes will be promptly communicated to you. 


  • Must show College i.d.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Distance from other riders. 

Shuttle drivers have been directed to stay on the route, but they MAY STOP ALONG THE WAY to drop or pickup riders. 

The Campus Shuttle will not run when school is closed.