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International Applicants

In addition to the admissions requirements listed in the prior tab, international applicants must provide the following:

TOEFL or IELTS scores: Applicants whose native language is not English must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The ETS institution code is 2553. A foreign applicant who has earned an undergraduate or previous graduate degree from an institution in which English is the official language of instruction may request, in writing, that this requirement be waived.  Documentation to support the claim that English was the language of instruction is also required if the institution is in a country where a language other than English is the official or most common language. The Graduate School reserves the right to grant or deny the request.

If test scores are older than two years, the applicant may be required to take the test again.

All foreign transcripts must be translated into English and converted to American equivalents using one of the following or a comparable certified service:

World Education Services
(212) 966-6311 
E-mail info@wes.org

Educational Credential Evaluators
(414) 289-3400 
E-mail eval@ece.org

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. 
(305) 273-1616 
E-mail info@jsilny.org

This is the applicant's responsibility. We cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed if we do not receive these materials by the deadline date.

TOEFL scores and transcripts should be submitted as soon as possible to expedite the admissions process.

Financial Documents – dated after February 1

Supporting financial documents must be dated and received by the Graduate School Admissions Office no earlier than February 1st for Fall term admission. If you have previously submitted financial affidavits and supporting documentation that pre-date February 1st, you will need to submit new documents.

  1. The International Applicant Financial Affidavit Form must be completed by all international applicants.

  2. Original bank documentation indicating sufficient funds in U.S. dollars are available for one year of study. Any international applicant accepted into the Integrated Ph.D. program without stipend support and/or accompanied by dependents must also submit original bank documentation.

  3. If a sponsor is providing the applicant with financial support, then the applicant must submit an International Sponsor Affidavit form as well.

Student Visas (I-20)

Student visas are issued by the International Student and Scholar Advisor. The visa is not issued until after the applicant has submitted all necessary documentation and has been admitted into a program. When the applicant has accepted our offer of admission and submitted a non-refundable deposit of $500 against the first semester's tuition, the International Student and Scholar Advisor will send the I-20.

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