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The following courses are all 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.  This MPH is on-campus only. 

M.P.H. Curriculum - 43 credits (Effective fall 2019)

a. Required core courses: 19 credits total

Health Care in the United States
Environmental Influences on Human Health
Behavioral and Social Factors in Public Health
Public Health in Action
Introduction to Biostatistics
Introduction to Epidemiology
Applied Practice Experience 
(1 Credit)

b. Required Epidemiology concentration courses: 19 credits total

Advanced Epidemiology I
Advanced Epidemiology II
Intermediate Biostatistics I
Intermediate Biostatistics II
Introduction to SAS Programming for Data Management and Analysis
Concentration Electives (6 credits)  

c. Culminating Experience – Epidemiology Capstone or Thesis: 3 credits

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