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Competencies and Accreditation

A graduate of the M.P.H. in Health Policy and Management is expected to achieve the following program (P) competencies:

HPM P1 – Identify the current issues in the development, organization, financing, and delivery of health services and public health systems in the U.S.

HPM P2 – Describe the development, implementation, and financing of health policy and its impact on consumers, providers and payers.

HPM P3 – Identify new models and emerging trends for healthcare financing.

HPM P4 – Interpret organizational, fiscal, legal and ethical analyses for business and clinical decision-making.

HPM P5 – Demonstrate an understanding of the processes to improve quality of patient care while recognizing and distinguishing between the cost of care and the availability of care.

HPM P6 – Compare and differentiate among business and health outcomes measurement, process/outcomes relationships and methods for process improvement in health organizations.

HPM P7 – Detail the principles of organizational development and apply systems thinking for resolving organizational problems.

HPM P8 – Characterize the structuring and positioning of healthcare organizations to achieve optimum outcomes.

HPM P9 – Tabulate quantitative, financial, economic and statistical data for decision-making.

HPM P10 – Discuss the economic, legal and ethical theories that impact on health systems and healthcare organizations.

HPM P-11 – Identify principles of economics for analysis of health policy, program evaluation, and healthcare financing.